Amanda steps away from the pool

Amanda Thorogood - starting races
Amanda Thorogood - starting races

After 16 years of volunteering with Canungra Social Swim Club, Amanda Thorogood has made the decision to step down from her role and spend quality time with her grandson and participate in sports.

Amanda and her two daughters, Molly and Abbey, joined the Club in 2007 before moving to Canungra. Amanda became Club Secretary in 2008, and Club President in 2010.

“I did it because I love our little community, that’s been my way of being involved,” she says.

Cafe Metz

Over the years, the social club has grown. However, at the time being, it is unlikely to become a professional swimming club due to the steep cost of registration and competitions.

“It’s not about winning at the Club; it’s about improving their times and their stroke,” says Amanda. “There are no limitations to how good of a swimmer you have to be to join.”

The Club is especially beneficial for younger swimmers without experience in race settings. Everyone gets the opportunity to swim to the best of their capability in an encouraging environment, allowing the swimmers to develop their confidence and skills.

“We get lots of age group champions at the schools,” says Amanda.

“It’s a good introduction into the community, and a great little club for kids and teens, especially the little ones.”

Overall, Amanda has enjoyed her time as President immensely.

“It hasn’t been hard, there have been moments when I’m wrapping 50 Christmas presents on my own, I’d be thinking ‘why am I doing this’,” she laughs.

“I’m so lucky that I’ve got to watch so many kids grow through the Club. Some have babies, have travelled overseas, and are now getting driver’s licences!”

“It’s something I will treasure forever and I’m lucky to have met so many beautiful parents and families.”

The role of volunteers within the Club is a very important one; without the volunteers the races wouldn’t be timed or started, the sausages wouldn’t be cooked and the behind the scenes administration would not happen.

“The volunteers are brilliant,” says Amanda. “We wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

“It’s a great little Club. I’m hoping to come back if my grandson joins, but sixteen years is enough,” Amanda laughs.