Atkins Health is expanding

Connor Barry
Connor Barry

ATKINS Health is expanding into a multi disciplinary practice which now includes Physiotherapist Conor Barry.

Exercise Physiologist Matthew McDonald said Connor will be working from Canungra Valley Medical, treating a range of conditions from acute to muscular skeletal injuries.

Conor can see clients of all ages for physiotherapy appointments but the service is primarily for adolescents through to elderly people.

Ray White Canungra

How do you know if you need a physio?

For any injury, going to your GP is the first step.

They can provide you with a care plan and a referral, as they would for any other allied health professional.

Why Choose Atkins Health?

Physiotherapy is just one area where Atkins Health is growing to meet the needs of the local community.

“Atkins health is expanding in Canungra,” said Matthew.

“We also have a home visit division which is already operating, where Exercise Physiologists  and Physiotherapists go to Beechmont and Canungra, Beaudesert to visit clients.”

The practitioners focus heavily on developing meaningful relationships with our clients, developing and delivering physio treatment plans that specifically address each individual’s needs as well as specialising in all sports physio injuries.

From diagnosis of acute conditions, rehabilitation from surgery, medical conditions and injuries, including all sports physio injuries, through to ongoing management of longer-term chronic conditions, you can trust the team at Atkins Health. 

Their unique six-weekly client review program schedule ensures that they adapt to client’s evolving needs and expectations, to ensure that they achieve their objectives. 

On average based on these frequent reviews, over 90% of their clients reach or exceed their health goals.

The range of allied health services means they provide clients with with a thorough approach to health care.

Exercise and ageing

Matt says regular exercise is essential for maintaining good health throughout life, and this becomes even more critical as you age. 

“Exercise is not just a means to achieve aesthetic goals, but rather a holistic approach to achieving overall health,” said Matt.

Five adverse effects of not exercising while aging: 

  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Decreased Bone Density
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Weight gain and obesity 
  • Cognitive Decline

This is where Atkins’ allied health professionals can help with your goals and health needs.

Want to know more?

Conor is available for appointments in Canungra on Mondays and Thursdays.

For bookings and enquiries visit the Atkins Health website or call 3177 7779.

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