Rob Newman, Paul Keefer and Christine Tod. Image supplied
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Beechmont Landcare

On November 9th Beechmont Landcare had its Annual General Meeting.  The Management Committee comprised of Paul Keefer, – Chair, Rob Newman – Secretary and Christine Tod – Treasurer were re-elected for another year. The primary goal of […]

A tree in Beechmont Pioneer Reserve frost-bitten in the early May coldsnap.
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Beechmont Landcare – Frost

Winter came early to Beechmont this year with a frost in early May. All across the plateau there are patches of brown in the lower areas, where frost had settled.   Susceptible plants in Beechmont […]

Satin Bowerbird in Gwingana Reserve. Photo: Supplied.
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Gwingana Bushland Reserve

The second in our tour of Beechmont Reserves is the Gwingana Bushland Reserve which is a tiny piece of land high up on Gwingana Court.  Until a couple of years ago this reserve appeared to […]