Beechmont Landcare

Rob Newman, Paul Keefer and Christine Tod. Image supplied
Rob Newman, Paul Keefer and Christine Tod. Image supplied

On November 9th Beechmont Landcare had its Annual General Meeting.  The Management Committee comprised of Paul Keefer, – Chair, Rob Newman – Secretary and Christine Tod – Treasurer were re-elected for another year.

The primary goal of BDLA is to advocate for the environment and it has primarily done this by continuing its revegetation work in four Beechmont reserves, Beechmont Pioneer Reserve, Windabout Reserve, Gwingana Reserve and Akoonah-Timbarra Reserve.

A regular crew of members volunteer in these reserves helped by contractors employed using grant money. This year’s grant was from the Scenic Rim Regional Council’s Environmental Grant.  It has been successful in being awarded continuing funds for next year continuing its positive relationship with the Council.

My Country Escape

Many people come to Beechmont because they value its beautiful environment.

The Association’s membership is lucky to have a range of experts in numerous fields.  This enables it to help local landholders when they have queries about how to manage their properties.  Many newcomers to the area find the vegetation challenging and the Association finds that it fulfils an important educational role.

One great excitement for BDLA this year has been hearing or even seeing a lyrebird in local back yards.  One of our members Barry Davies, awoke recently to hear one calling.  This is the first time in nearly 40 years.  By revegetating the reserves BDLA helps to create corridors of vegetation for the wildlife to travel through.

There is no better measure of success then seeing the wildlife return.