Canungra Bowls Club results

Wall Plaque Winners of the highest rink margin Ann Noris, Karin Zieke and Sharon Hester
Wall Plaque Winners of the highest rink margin Ann Noris, Karin Zieke and Sharon Hester

Wednesday March 27: Paddle Pop Pairs. Weekly prize donated by Canungra Hotel. Bowls cancelled due to rain.

Wednesday April 3: Paddle Pop Pairs. 20 Players. Winner of the day: Russel Smith with 4 + 25.

Wednesday April 10: Paddle Pop Pairs. 22 players. Winner of the day: Rod Duncan with 4 + 38.

Canungra Law

Wednesday April 17: Paddle Pop Pairs. 20 players. Winners of the day Michael White and Phillip Potter with 4 + 26.

Wednesday April 24th: Paddle Pop Pairs. 20 players. Winner of the day Russel Smith with 4 + 28.

Ladies Singles Championship: Kay Upton 25 defeated Donna Rixon 14.

Ladies Pairs Championship: Val Reiser and Louise Goodman 22 defeated Ann Noris and Jean Ball 12; Kelly Street and Kerrie Weston 24 defeated Karin Zieke and Donna Rixon 14.

Men’s Singles Championship Semi Final: Wayne Reiser 25 defeated Peter Shoebridge 16.  Stuart Warren 26 defeated Jim McCartney 12.

Men’s Pairs Championship: Bailee Prosser and Mykal Prosser 25 defeated Tim Thomas and Bill Brown 9.

Mixed Pairs Championship: Donna Rixon and Geoff Rixon 29 defeated Wendy Coleman and Rod Duncan 14.

Mixed Triples Championship: Karin Zieke, Louise Goodman and Michael White (Skip) 20; Kay Upton, Peter Shoebridge and Stuart Warren (Skip) 14; Ann Norris, Tim Thomas and Terry Smith (Skip) 17; Joseph O’ Flaherty, Peter Jervis and Jean Ball (Skip) 16; Val Reiser, Daryl Lee and Wayne Reiser (Skip) 33; Donna Rixon, Rod Duncan and Geoff Rixon (Skip) 7; Merle Wortel, Jim Shiels, and Jim McCartney (Skip) 20; Bruce Williams, Wendy Coleman and Kerri Weston (Skip) 15.

Men’s Four’s Championship: Ian Bell, Peter Jervis, Jose O’Flaherty, and Wayne Reiser 25 defeated Emelio Travami,Terry Smith, Tim Thomas and Rod Duncan 15.

Sunday March 24: Visit from Pottsvile Pirates. After morning tea and a morning of Lawn Bowls, followed by a very nice lunch, a great time was held by all. Impressed with the warm welcome of a small club they left with the promise to come again next year.

Saturday March 29: Easter Bonanza Pairs. Sponsored by Val and Wayne Reiser. 12 teams played. Winners of the day Louise Reiser and Gary Matheson 4 + 38. Runner up Jean Ball and Sherry 4 + 25. First Round Winners Peter Jervis and Wayne Reiser 2 + 14.

Thursday April 11: Wall Plaque Competition. Paradise Point 57 points defeated Canungra 56 points. Highest rink margin Canungra +7 points Karin Zieke, Ann Norris and Sharon Hester (Skip).

Photo Wall Plaque Winners of the highest rink margin Ann Norris, Karin Zieke and Sharon Hester

Games coming up

Saturday May 4th Brian and Letisha Hanson day Mixed Pairs

Sunday May 19th May Finch Fours

Sunday June 2nd Visit from Tweed Heads touring Bowlers

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Canungra Bowls Club Mixed Pairs every Wednesday 9am

Social membership $5 per year Full Bowling membership $125 per year


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