Canungra has a New Chiropractor in Town!

Nigel Nulty has just opened Chiro One in Canungra
Nigel Nulty has just opened Chiro One in Canungra

After many years of encouragement and a little persuasion from locals, Chiropractor Dr Nigel Nulty has opened an office in Canungra.  

Dr Nigel is a new local, having been in town for almost two years and is settling in for the long haul.  

His primary practice in Helensvale is over 16 years old and is receiving rave reviews online, so he is looking forward to achieving the same results here in Canungra.  

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After running practices in Melbourne, Country Victoria, Brisbane and Helensvale he brings a world of experience.  

Nigel provides a range of services including Chiropractic (infants to elderly), Functional/Nutritional/Naturopathic medicine, Body Scanning technology and Applied Kinesiology.  

He has a wealth of knowledge in how to maximise the way the body naturally heals disease, illness and reduces pain.

“The body is a self-healing mechanism,” says Dr Nigel.  

“Modern day lifestyles cause enormous physical, nutritional and emotional stress on our body.”  

“Most ignore it when it’s only minor and only act once the ‘crisis’ or flare up occurs after years of the ‘it won’t happen to me’ scenario.” 

Unfortunately the cause of a flare up is often not a sudden occurrence.  

Most flare ups are a gradual build up of stressors (and thus a lack of healing) which results in the body finally letting you know it’s not happy – ending in pain, disease and illness.  

“The trap is that it creeps up on you, many younger people under 40 years old have arthritis and don’t even know!”

“Our goal is to teach you how to look after yourself better now, for the future.  

“Ignoring minor problems may seem like no big deal, but often result in significant flare ups and big disruptions to everyday life.”

“Bad posture may indicate an unhealthy spine. 

“Fatigue, digestive and sleep problems may indicate diet deficiencies or toxicities.” 

“So we recommend to have your spine x-rayed your general health checked over to know for sure if you are in a good place or not.”

“Test don’t guess!” is Dr Nigel’s motto.

Chiro One Canungra is now located at 32 Christie Street, Canungra, just behind el Social cafe in the main street of town.

Dr Nigel is offering new patients an initial visit for only $37.

Office hours are from 8am to 12 noon and 2pm to 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Call Dr Nigel and his staff on 5500 0631 to arrange an appointment. 

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