Canungra in World Muay Thai Titles

Canungra Muay Thai
Four fighters from Canungra Muay Thai have been selected to compete in the World Championships

Canungra may be home to a World Muay Thai Champion after the World Championships in March 2020.

Four fighters from Canungra Muay Thai Club will attend the World Titles in Pattaya, Thailand on and their coach, David Torrens, says all of them have a good chance of winning.

David has also been selected as one of the Coaches for the Australian WMO/SIAM Muay Thai Team and is looking forward to getting the best out of his fighters.

My Country Escape

The four fighters selected are Josh Torrens, Jared Clift, Jesse Jones and Asiya Hickey.  

Jared and Asiya are both ranked number two in their respective divisions in Australia. David said Josh has won about five Australian titles and Jesse is currently the Australian champion.  It will be the third time Josh has competed at the World Championships

David said he took over coaching at the Club about three years ago when the head coach, Jamie Hammer retired.  This was around the time that he and his wife Rebecca bought Canungra Hardware and opened the training facility behind the hardware shop.  This has since been moved to a building behind My Country Escape.

The move into town has made training and access for students easier and has seen the Club grow to approximately 30 fighters.  They train hard and can often be seen pounding the streets around Canungra on training runs.

For a small club to have four fighters selected to compete at the World Championships is quite a feat, the only other Club sending that many fighters has a membership of 300.

David said the trip to the World Championships will be self funded so the Club will be doing a lot of fundraising over the next two months and will be looking for sponsorship to subsidise costs for families.

For more information about Canungra Muay Thai contact David on 5543 4780.

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