Paul Kraayvanger

Humans of Canungra

Paul Kraayvanger is one half of the team behind Canungra Hub Cafe.  He and his wife, Shona, also previously owned Canungra Newsagent.  Shona, said she was happy I was interviewing Paul because they were starting […]

ANZAC Day 2020


The Coronavirus means that ANZAC Day in 2020 will be different than any other we have taken part in. For that reason we will remember it forever. We will remember it most if we commemorate in a way we have never done before. Don’t let ANZAC Day just slip past. Make it special, make it count. […]

Keer Moriarty

From My Window

I’m almost afraid to ask ‘what else could happen?’ We’ve had drought, fire, drought, flood, plague … all in the last six months or so.  For me, as for many people, COVID-19 is next in […]


Tears and Hope

I would struggle to find anyone in Australia who doesn’t have a connection with somewhere that is literally under fire right now. Right now, my heart is with Tumbarumba, New South Wales. When my family […]


Bring on 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, all I can say is thank goodness. It has been a hard year for Australia, for people in the Scenic Rim, for Canungra and Beechmont, and for me personally. […]


Too Many Stories to Tell…

Over the past few months there have been some heart wrenching stories of loss, survival and kindness. I had intended to include some of these in this edition of The Canungra Times.  Unfortunately, I found […]


A Change of Heart

This month’s column began as an angry rant about visits from politicians and a subsequent lack of follow through on their part with regard to funding. However I had a change of heart.  Not about […]