Qualified Green Thumbs

Chris Estrich and Moxy

In 2016, Chris Estreich, alongside his partner Sarah Thorning, completed a Certificate III in Horticulture. 

Seven years later, Chris has owned two plant nurseries, one in Tamborine and the current one on Coburg Road, Canungra. 

These nurseries have been dedicated to stocking Australian natives, supplying both the community and other nurseries.

Cafe Metz

Chris’ main focus is to see more Australian natives in gardens. 

“Native plants can play a big part in helping the environment,” Chris says.

“A lot of people look at what has been done to the environment and they say, ‘I wish I could change it, but there is nothing I can do’. Well, there is, you could just change your little bit.” 

“A good mix of natives, including a low growing plant, prickly grevilleas for example, provide somewhere for little birds and lizards to hide, and they all play a part in the ecology of your garden.”

“Native plants tend to attract more beneficial insects, like ladybugs, beetles and bees, native bees in particular, that pollinate your garden.”

“Bringing in little birds, lizards too, they take care of the balance with the insects.”

“It’s good to have balance in life. As a human being, you need to have good balance in your life, exercise, diet, it’s no difference with plants.”

Chris says that having a balanced garden helps your mental state.

“There is nothing nicer than to walk out and see your garden, and to be able to say, ‘wow, I did that’. It’s good for your mental health and there is nothing wrong with good mental health.”

Lending a helping hand to the community, Chris can provide advice to support your garden, whether you are just starting out or have an established garden.

“You don’t have to change the whole world, just your bit of it,” says Chris. 

Chris is available to take calls at 0403 415 811 or emails at growmynatives@gmail.com. 

Alternatively, you can pop in to see him, and his dog Moxy, at the nursery on 28 Coburg Road, Canungra.