Gwingana Bushland Reserve

Satin Bowerbird in Gwingana Reserve. Photo: Supplied.
Satin Bowerbird in Gwingana Reserve. Photo: Supplied.

The second in our tour of Beechmont Reserves is the Gwingana Bushland Reserve which is a tiny piece of land high up on Gwingana Court. 

Until a couple of years ago this reserve appeared to be just a collection of weeds including Moth Vine, Privet, Giant Devil’s Fig, Groundsel, Lantana and Camphor Laurel under a canopy of more established rainforest trees.

With the help of funds from the Federal Government Communities Environment Program we were able to employ contractors to help get rid of these weeds.  A couple of Landcare Working Bees have been held to plant and tend seedlings of native species with enjoyable morning teas hosted by nearby members.

Canungra Law

This activity has motivated local householders to be more involved and interested in the Reserve.  On our last group visit in September members were thrilled to see all the native plants that are growing back.

The area is already abundant with birdlife and our gentle nudge away from exotic to native species helps to provide more of a balance that favours native fauna.

Gwingana Reserve was very close to where the fires swept through in September 2019.  It is hoped that by replacing the weeds with rainforest trees this area will be more resilient to fire should it ever return.

It has been a case study of what can be achieved with a modest Government grant and community engagement.  The surrounding housing estate can look forward to seeing it develop into a rich biodiverse oasis.

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