Jack’s up for the Push-Up Challenge!

Jack Anderson. Photo by Keer Moriarty.
Jack Anderson. Photo by Keer Moriarty.

How many push ups could you do in a month?

Jack Anderson is set to do 3,144 push ups during June 2023 as part of the Push-Up Challenge for Mental Health and he’s encouraging others at his school to do the same.

The Year 11 student at Tamborine Mountain State High School said he saw the Push Up Challenge advertised on Instagram and was inspired, not only to join in but to also become a student ambassador for the Challenge.

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“I found this challenge and instantly I knew that I wanted to do this and do my best to raise awareness and funds to put towards bettering mental health,” said Jack.

The Challenge began in 2017 when Nick Hudson and some friends decided to challenge each other by doing 3,000 push ups in a month.

“Over time, we noticed that we were not only getting fitter and stronger, but it became an easy way of staying in touch with each other,” said Nick.

In 2018 Nick faced open heart surgery.  The forced recooperation period led to depression, which is what inspired him to start the Push-Up Challenge and raise funds and awareness for mental health.

In 2022, over 153,000 people joined the push for better and over $10 million was raised for mental health.

The target for 2023 is 3,144 push-ups over 23 days in June.  

This is the target per participant, and it reflects the lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2021.

Jack is pleased to have his school, Tamborine Mountain State High, on board, supporting him in the Challenge.

“As a school we are helping to facilitate sending bulk emails, posting on the school Facebook page about the Challendge and have set up Tamborine Mountain State High School as a team under the school community,” said Administration Officer, Scarlett Buttler.

So far, Jack has helped 25 students and six staff members sign up and he is looking forward to expanding this in the coming weeks.

To donate to Jack’s Push Up Challenge, or to register, go to https://www.thepushupchallenge.com.au/

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