Local Swim Champ Dives into Race for Division 3

Janine Healy
Janine Healy

 Local artist and former swimming champion, Janine Healy, today announced her independent candidacy for Division 3. 

Janine is well known for her no-nonsense approach and ability to bring people together to create better outcomes. ‘I am a hard worker, entirely familiar with working long hours and I am driven to achieve results, when faced with a difficult issue’ 

She has applied this talent as an artist, as a coach for the Queensland Academy of Sport swimming team, as the manager for her own Aquatic Company, as President of the Cleveland Place-makers and as Director of Coaching for the board of Masters Queensland. 

Canungra Law

Janine grew up in Beaudesert attending St Mary’s Primary and Beaudesert High School before going on to earn a Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree from Griffith University. Janine swam competitively at a national level as a teenager and was the captain of Beaudesert Swimming Club and continued swimming right through to Competing at Nationals for Masters well into her 40’s.

“I’m still very competitive with myself, it’s a lot of fun to face new challenges as it should be, there’s plenty left in the tank …I’m only just getting started,” Janine said. 

Janine currently lives in Laravale.

“The Scenic Rim is home for me,” she said, “I spent all my formative years here and I want to give back to the community who helped shape who I am today. I’m excited to be back and in a position to make positive contribution to the community I love.”

She says her passion for the region means she will deliver results as well as strong and effective representation. 

Janine has three teenage boys and is passionate about helping to create a safe and culturally rich community in which her children will grow up too. 

Janine says she is about listening and working hard to find the best outcomes for Division 3 and for the wider community.

“I understand that a single vote in the Council chamber is not going to deliver unrealistic promises, but I do give my absolute guarantee, that if elected in March, I will devote all of my time and energy into representing my community by listening and being available, overcoming objections through education, collaboration, effective communication and leadership skills,” she said.

“It’s time for the next generation of change to build on the good work that the incumbent has done and it’s now time for a significant shift,” Janine said, “I’m offering a fresh face and a fresh approach in Council”. 

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