Making Memories at Canungra Hotel

Enjoying a drink at Canungra Hotel
James Gill celebrated his 20th Birthday with friends at Canungra Hotel

For visitors and locals alike, the historic Canungra Hotel is a place to make special memories.

Barry and Carol Fitton
Barry and Carol Fitton

Although COVID-19 restrictions have limited the Hotel to 20 diners at one time, Restaurant Manager Nikki Fitton said it is still the venue of choice for locals to celebrate special occasions.

“So many people have special memories of the Canungra Hotel,” said Nikki, “My parents met here 55 years ago when Dad was doing his army training and it was where they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.”

Canungra Law

Nikki said her father, Barry, saw her mother across the room and told his mates “I’m going to marry her.” The rest is history.

Monique Morcus said celebrating her 15th wedding anniversary at Canungra Hotel had special meaning as she and Karen MacAndrew were also married at the Hotel.

James Gill said he was excited to celebrate his 20th birthday at ‘the pub’.

The Hotel has 45 minute sittings for lunch and dinner.

Karen MacAndrew and
Monique Morcus celebrate
their 15th wedding anniversary

“We are legally only allowed to have 20 guests in the Hotel at one time but it is great to see people out having dinner,” said Nikki.

“We are looking forward to the Stage 2 and Stage 3 restrictions coming into place which will allow us to have more guests.”

Nikki said it is important for guests to book in advance and to arrive on time.

“Unfortunately when other people are waiting to dine, we can’t extend the time so it is important that people arrive on time and order their meals when they arrive.”

“Our menu is available on our web site and you can also order online for takeaway and eat in meals,” she said.

The Hotel site was originally occupied by a guesthouse named ‘Bellissima’, built by Romeo Lahey in 1916.  The guesthouse was operated by the Lahey firm until 1927, when it was taken over by David Lahey, who sold it to Bernard William Conaghan.

Mr Conaghan renamed it the ‘Canungra Hotel’ and was granted a licence in 1928, making it the first licensed premises in Canungra.

Unfortunately, the beautiful old wooden building was destroyed by fire on Friday 22nd January 1937.

At that time the building was owned by Mr Shaw of Sydney, who rebuilt it in its present form.  The new hotel bar was opened on Thursday 9th October 1937.

The Canungra Hotel is open seven days a week for lunch, dinner and bottleshop sales.  For bookings phone 5543 5233 or visit

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