St Luke's
St Luke's

St Luke’s recently celebrated Pentecost by decorating the church in a theme of red.

Pentecost is seen as the most important time of the Christian calendar, after Christmas and Easter. 

It is a celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit, 50 days after the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

Cafe Metz

It was a time when the disciples were empowered to witness the salvation for the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Of the multitude of people who gathered for the Jewish festival of Pentecost, everyone heard and understood what was said, regardless of their own native language. This was a miracle the people were able to understand.

For many of us there are times when we say something with a definite meaning in our own minds, but the listeners interpret what has been said in a different way, perhaps totally in the wrong way to what we meant. Have you ever said to someone, “That’s not what I meant”.

I am sure we can all recall a situation where what was said has been “taken the wrong way.” 

Sometimes it is better to show what we mean by our actions. 

For example, an act of kindness can be better than a thousand words. An act of kindness may simply be a way of showing love and saying welcome. It would be wonderful if people felt welcome to come to St Luke’s because of what they have seen happening there.

Little Lukies continues to welcome a vibrant group of primary students every Monday afternoon after school, and the success of this group is very much due to the enthusiastic preparation of activities, led by Mrs Jan Armstrong, along with her cheerful band of helpers.

SLAngers group for High School students gathers every second Friday evening. Their meeting time has changed to 5pm – 7pm during the winter. 

If you have a teenager looking for a fun evening why not bring them to SLAngers, they would be made to feel very welcome and would be guaranteed a great time.