People and their Pets

Lucia and Samuel Salusbury with Benny
Lucia and Samuel Salusbury with Benny

After a quick visit to the supermarket, the Salusbury family returned home with something that wasn’t on their shopping list. A bull.

Benny the bull is a one year old Grafton bull, who is lucky to be alive.

After the young bull’s mother sadly passed away, Benny was adopted and tube fed by Lucia, Isabel and Samuel (with parental assistance) until it could bottle feed.

Canungra Law

Lucia says that tube feeding Benny was her “worst nightmare”, she was very glad when Benny started sucking.

“It was a miracle,” she says.

After outgrowing the family home, Benny was moved to their grandmother’s property.

“He is big and better and now he’s at GG’s place” says Lucia.