Robyn steps down from Chief Steward role

Judy Hartley, Robyn Mahony and Vicki Finch in the Pavilion.
Judy Hartley, Robyn Mahony and Vicki Finch in the Pavilion.

Robyn Mahony became the Chief Steward of the Pavilion at the Canungra Show six years ago. 

In 2018, Carol Mahony, the previous Chief Steward, was vacating the role and the Canungra Show Society needed someone else to step into the role. 

“They needed somebody to do it, so I put my hand up. Since I was heavily involved in running the craft room, I was the obvious person to take it on,” said Robyn.

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The Pavilion includes classes in craft, photography, cooking, horticulture and flowers and it is major feature of the show.

This year, Robyn has sourced local residents to judge the pavilion entries.

“I want the judges to be locals, we are a local show, and we should be supporting our community.” 

Robyn has issued a call to action for all young locals to get involved with future shows, especially in the pavilion. 

“I want their young inputs on the show”.

After overseeing six shows, Robyn will step down from the role of Chief Steward of the Pavilion after the 2023 Canungra Show.

“I’m not leaving the show; I’m still going to be working in the pavilion, and I’ll be there to talk the new Chief Steward through what they do and don’t have to do”.

In reflection of her past years, Robyn is very grateful for the opportunity to serve her local community at something she excels at. 

“I enjoy being Chief Steward, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. Once you’ve done it, you know the routine and what you’ve got to do.”

Robyn also very strongly, expressed her gratitude to her volunteers.

“You’ve just got to get the right workers,” she says. 

“I’m very lucky to have the dedicated volunteers that I’ve got, I couldn’t do it without them.”

In the spirit of gratitude, Robyn also thanks Vicki Finch and Judy Hartley for their strong dedication to the pavilion.

“A really big thank you to Vicki and Judy, their assistance is immensely appreciated,” she says.

Keer Moriarty, who was Canungra Show Society Secretary when Robyn first took on the role, said Robyn has given so much of  herself  and is an integral part of the Show Society.

“A massive thank you goes out to her as her journey as Chief Steward comes to an end.”