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Former Mayor of Beaudesert Shire Council, Joy Drescher.
Former Mayor of Beaudesert Shire Council, Joy Drescher.

The Scenic Rim and the world will never be the same after beloved icon Joy Drescher passed away on 28 November.

She was in public office across three decades and was the first and only female Mayor Beaudesert Shire ever had.

The larger-than-life character who always spoke it like it was threw her support behind community groups and endeared herself to everyone she met through her uninhibited laughter and zest for life.

Canungra Law

Joy, who had been battling breast cancer for two years, was active right up until her very last day.

The Canungra Times shares these words with permission from one of Joy’s daughters, Carmel Geromoschos-Sheil:

In loving memory …. 

Anyone who knew my mum, or had heard her laugh, read her column, seen one of her hats… knew she was larger than life. 

She was eccentric, which kind of drove me crazy as a child and as an adult, but she was one of a kind, she lived her life, and she longed to be old enough to tell the nay sayers where they could stick their ideas… 

Oh my, I thought we’d have years more to come visit, talk, phone calls at all hours… except early in the morning. 

Well… I guess she won her battle… no more chemotherapy for her… no more blood tests… yesterday (28 November 2021) at 76 she came 2nd in Australia in a speech contest, she went to a political rally, she had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant… but sadly… 

She has laughed her last laugh, breathed her last breath… her stories (or stories about her), will be long remembered. 

Her name was Joy, and it’s how she lived her life.

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