Local faces amongst nominees

Two local residents were amongst the 2023 Australia Day award nominations.

Sue Ludwig

Sue Ludwig was nominated for Citizen of the Year (31-65 years) for her work with Australian Miniature Goats.

Sue put the Scenic Rim on the map through her breeding of knee-high miniature goats as pets and companion animals, rather than for livestock production. 

Cafe Metz

Sue’s efforts were rewarded when the Australian Miniature Goat was officially recognised as a breed in February 2000. 

In January 2009, Sue was devastated by the loss of her husband Andrew in a car accident. 

With three young children, she turned to study, completing a bachelor of nursing.

She started a new career in mental health with a public hospital, where she continues to work as clinical nurse and is considered an inspiration to others.

Michael Luke. Photo by Keer Moriarty

Michael Luke

A humble man by nature, Michael Luke was nominated for Citizen of the Year (65+ years).

He is a familiar figure as he runs along the streets and roadsides, picking up rubbish along the way.

Michael estimates he runs five kilometres, three to four times a week but assumes his pace has decreased over the fifty or so years he has been jogging.

He started picking up rubbish when he lived at Hervey Bay and has continued in the seven years he has been living, and running, in Canungra.

Michael carries a shopping bag with him while he runs and sorts the rubbish when he returns home, recycling what he can and putting the rest in his home rubbish bins.

“It’s become much more lucrative since the Container for Change program came along,” joked Michael.

“I probably get about five cents an hour!”

Over the years he has found several mobile phones (which he hands in to the local police) and says fast food and takeaway coffee containers are some of the most common items he collects.

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