Bowls Club Celebrates 70 years

Stuart Warren (Greenkeeper) and Peter Shoebridge (Bowls President)
Stuart Warren (Greenkeeper) and Peter Shoebridge (Bowls President)

Photo gallery below. Photos by Emily Livingston.

Canungra Bowls Club celebrated its 70th anniversary, inviting past and present members to a social bowls day and lunch.

The Club was established in 1953 and has been in the same location in Christie Street, Canungra since that time.

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The Club owes its existence to the enthusiasm of Ken Cameron, Frank Murray and Ken Reilly who, along with other locals were introduced to the game through Tamborine Mountain Bowls Club.

After forming the Canungra Bowls Club, a great deal of voluntary labour went in to preparing the ground for the green, with George Mahony, Ken Curtis and Jesse Daniels pulling out stumps and clearing the area.

The first club house was a tiny cottage which was replaced by the larger building in 1966.

Jasper Jerome was the President of the Men’s Club and Madge Page was the President of the Ladies’ Club at the time of the opening.

Since 1953, the Club has relied on its members and their friends to volunteer their time and effort to develop the bowling green and facilities to a standard that has  improved over the years.

On-going maintenance and improvements to the facilities remain a focus for the Club’s committee, as well as providing a welcoming space for locals of all ages to enjoy the sport of lawn bowls.

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