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Canungra heads to Norfolk
Canungra heads to Norfolk

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Twenty-three members from the Canungra Area Golf Club headed over to Norfolk Island to play in the Governor’s Cup pair’s competition over three days. 

Steve Crook and Ross Jackson featured in the top teams. 

Canungra Law

Many thanks for the amazing hospitality extended to our members from the Norfolk Island Golf Club as well as all of the venues we visited.

Our clubhouse is going to look sensational with the assistance and generosity of the Canungra and District Community Bank giving back to the Community. 

Thanks also to our troop of actors (Sharon Faulks, Alf and Julie Carter and Sam Sami), featuring the Bendigo Bank Fairy Golf Mother for going above and beyond for the betterment of our golf club.

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Thursday 26 October:  Stableford Winner Alf Carter (39) Runner Up David Hayes (36) CB Third Place Paul Palliser (36).  NTPs 5th Greg Guy; 7th Barry Broderick; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Dave McGuiness; 17th Matt Shay $5 Run Down to 32 (Vin Slingsby).

Saturday 28 October:  4BBB 4BBB Winners Brett Fletcher and Tania Bobermien; Winner Kym Crook (40); Runner Up Mark Allen (39).  NTPs 5th Bob Flitton; 7th and 17th Russ Peel; 8th Neil Connolly; Ladies 8th 27+ 2nd shot Tania Bobermien; 9th/18th Longest Putt Liz Bobermien; A Grade Longest Drive Cam Spalding; B Grade Longest Drive Shaun Joseph; $5 Run Down to 34 CB (Jason Butler).

Tuesday 31 October:  Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal Winner Nora Jones (69) Runner Up Kim Sami (70) Putts Pam McAllan.  NTPs  8th/17th 32+ 2nd shot Julie Carter; 9th/18th Longest Putt Kym Crook BRD to 77 (Liz Bobermien).

Thursday 2 November:  Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal Winner Brian Doyle (66); Runner Up Merv Condon (67)CB;.  NTPs 5th Stan Bobermien; 7th John Rodger; 8th David McGuinness; 16th Harry Barnes; 16th 22+2nd shot Vin Slingsby. Putts Ross Jackson (23) $5 Run Down to 70 (Steve Firth).

Saturday 4 November:  Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal Winner Mark Watson (68); Runner Up Chriss Astill (69); 3rd Place Matt Taylor (70).  NTPs 5th Sam Sami; 7th Shaun Joseph; 14th Darren Kelly; 16th Mark Broadbent; 17th Cam Spalding. 9th/18th Long Putt Peta Major; A Grade Long Drive Ross Hewlett; B Grade Long Drive Russ Peel; C Grade Long Drive Bob Campbell $5 Run Down to 73 (Brian Doyle),

Tuesday 7 November:  9 hole 3 club Melbourne Cup Stableford Winner Zac Major (23); Runner Up Elaine Broadbent (18); Third Place Paul McCarthy (17)CB.  NTPs 5th Bob Flitton; 7th 27+ 2nd shot Merv Condon; 8th Cam Spalding; 1st close to sand mound Andrew Major; 9th Longest Putt Kim Sami BRD to 14.  Best Dressed Man Andrew Major; Best Dressed Lady Kelli Saron.

Thursday 9 November:  Stroke and Putt,  Medal of Medals.  Thursday Medal of Medal Winner Harry Barnes; Daily Winner Peter Jones (67); Daily Runner Up Harry Barnes (68);.  NTPs 5th Stu Fletcher; 8th Ross Jackson; 14th Mik Oberle; 16th Brad Mahony; 16th 22+2nd shot Ken Gear. Medal of Medals Putts Ross Jackson. Daily Putts Bob Flitton (23) $5 Run Down to 74 CB (Ken Gear).

Saturday 11 November:  Stableford Winner Paul McCarthy (38); Runner Up Cam Spalding (37)CB; 3rd Place Stan Bobermien (37)CB.  NTPS 5th Mark Broadbent; 7th and 16th Cam Spalding; 8th Ken Gear; $5 Run Down to 34CB (Dave Staver). 

Thursday 16 November:  Stableford Winner David Hayes (44); Runner Up Ross Hewlett (36)CB; 3rd Place Peter Jones (36).  NTPs 5th Stu Fletcher; 7th and 14th Ross Hewlett; 8th Peter Jones; 16th Peter Spears $5 Run Down to 32 (Matt Taylor). 

Saturday 18 November:  Stableford – Winner Ken Collins (40); Runner Up Peter Spears (39); 3rd Place Dave Staver (38).  NTPs 5th Brett Beanland; 7th Ken Collins; 8th Matt Taylor; 14th Mark Broadbent; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Sue Jago $5 Run Down to 32 (Merv Condon).

Tuesday 21 November:  Stroke and Putt, Medal of Medals. Winner Nora Jones (72); Daily Winner Nora Jones (72) Runner Up Pam McAllan (73).  NTPs 5th/14th Nora Jones; 9th/18th Long Putt Jo Windle. Putts Pam McAllan (26).  BRD to 80 (Kim Sami).

Thursday 23 November:  Stableford Winner Shaun Joseph (35) CB; Runner Up Bob Flitton (35)CB; Third Place  Cam Spalding (35) Great score Eagle on 11th Cam Spalding.  NTPs 5th and 16th Jackson Spalding; 7th Tobes Uccetta; 8th Ross Hewlett.