Canungra Area Golf Club

Mik Oberle, Brad Mahony and Paul Palliser
Mik Oberle, Brad Mahony and Paul Palliser

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Celebrating Turning Canungra Pink

Upgrades are everywhere – there are new pathways; the drainage has been upgraded (bring on the rain); new tee markers; the defibrillator has been installed; new bubblers for cool water on the course; printers; computers;  and first aid kits

Canungra Law

All these wonderful resources wouldn’t have been achievable without Grants.

Our thanks go to grants received from Active Clubs (Sport and Recreation); Dept Tourism, Innovation and Sport; Scenic Rim Regional Council Minor Community Grants plus the help from our tireless volunteers. 

All of the greens have been renovated and are starting to come back nicely. 

Hopefully a bit of nice rain will have them fully established before this goes to print.


Thursday 28 September:  Stableford – Winner – Brett Day (40) Runner Up – Merv Condon (35)CB Third Place – Cam Spalding (35) NTPs – 7th Brad Mahony; 8th Ross Jackson; 14th Peter Spears; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Dave McGuiness $5 Run Down to 30.(Bob Flitton)

Saturday 30 September:  Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal – Winner – Darren Kelly (67); Runner Up – Ken Collins (71), 3rd Place – Paul Palliser (72)CB Putts – Brett Day (26) NTPs – 5th Peter Spears; 7th Ken Collins; 8th Andrew Major; 14th& 16th Chris Astill; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Tania Bobermien; 17th Matt Taylor. $5 Run Down to 77 CB (Peter Kit)

Tuesday 3 October:  Stroke and Putt – Monthly Medal Winner – Leigh Parsons (72)CB Runner Up – Kim Sami (72) PUTTS Kym Crook NTPs  8th/17th 32+ 2nd shot – Julie Carter; 9th/18th Longest Putt – Liz Bobermien BRD to 78CB (Liz Bobermien)

Thursday 5 October:  Stroke and Putt – Monthly Medal Winner – Vin Slingsby (68)CB; Runner Up – Rob Hewison (68); 3rd Place – Leigh Boettcher (69); NTPs – 5th & 7th Cam Spalding; 8th Leigh Boettcher; 16th Brad Mahony; 16th 22+2nd shot Bert Wiedemann. PUTTS Rob Hewison (25)CB $5 Run Down to 75 (Brad Mahony).

Saturday 7 October:  Stableford – Winner – Chris Astill (41); Runner Up – Dave Staver (39); Third Place – Neil Connolly (38)CB NTPs – 5th Tania Bobermien; 7th & 16th Mark Watson; 14th Merv Condon; 16th  22+ 2nd shot & 17th Brett Fletcher Longest Drive – Men’s A – Cam Spalding; B – Chris Astill; C – Gary Owen Ladies A – Kym Crook; B – Sue Jago $5 Run Down to 32 (Kelli Saron).

Tuesday 10 October:  Stableford – Winner – Sharon Faulks (41); Runner Up – Gael Jarvis (36)CB; Third Place – Peta Major (36)CB NTPs 5th/14th Kym Crook; 8th/17th 32+ 2nd shot – Leigh Parsons; 9th/18th Longest Putt – Kim Sami BRD to 30 (Sylvian Cameron).

Thursday 12 October:  SS v PAR – Winner – Peter Kit (+6); Runner Up – Ken Gear (+3)CB; Third Place – Brad Mahony (+3) NTPs – 5th Bob Flitton; 7th Cam Spalding; 8th Brad Mahony; 14th Mik Oberle; 16th Paul Palliser; 16th 22+2nd shot Peter Kit; 17th Steve Crook. $5 Run Down to -1 (Peter Spears).

Saturday 14 October:  Three Person Ambrose for Pink October – A huge day of fun and dressing up. Lots of winners and grinners with over $2500 raised for Turning Canungra Pink.

Tuesday 17 October:  Stableford Captain v President – Captain’s Team took out the win Captain Winner – Liz Bobermien (41); President Winner – Gael Jarvis (36); Captain Runner Up – Kym Crook (38); President Runner Up – Nora Jones (34) NTPs – 5th/14th – Pam McAllan; 7th/16th Bird’s Nest – Trish Schmidt; 8th/17th 32+ 2nd shot– Leigh Parsons; 9th/17th Long Putt – Leigh Parsons BRD to 36 (Sylvian Cameron).

Thursday 19 October:  Stableford – Winner – Stu Fletcher (41); Runner Up – Steve Firth (38); 3rd Place – Steve Crook (35) NTPs – 5th Peter Spears; 8th Ken Gear; 14th Steve Firth; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Bert Wiedemann; $5 Run Down to 33 (Cameron Spalding). 

Saturday 21st October:  Stableford – Winner – Dylan Brechbuhl (39); Runner Up – Nick Jago (38)CB; 3rd Place – Liz Bobermien (38) Eagle – 2nd Matt Taylor $5 Run Down to 34 (Harry Barnes).

Tuesday 24 October:  Stroke and Putt Melbourne Cup Trophy – Gross Winner – Kim Sami (84 gross); Nett Winner – Sylvian Cameron (68 Nett) Runner Up – Julie Carter (68); NTPs – 5th/14th Michelle Day; 7th/16th Bird’s Nest 2nd shot – Kim Sami; 9th/18th Long Putt – Jo Windle Putts – Jo Windle (28)CB BRD to 78 (Jo Windle).