Canungra Owls Soccer Club

U9s Owls played a David and Goliath battle against Pimpama.
U9s Owls played a David and Goliath battle against Pimpama.

U9s Green

The U9s Canungra Owls Green team played in an epic David and Goliath battle against a much-taller Pimpama side.

Although the final score was close it didn’t quite reflect the enormous effort and team synergy the Canungra kids displayed.

My Country Escape

Hot on the attack, the kids made amazing Matilda-inspired corners and attempts for goal. 

Taj Conway, William Hammond and Ollie Collas found space and led the attack. 

Huxley Mahoney and Nathan Dougherty made great passes and were stellar in defence. 

L J Phelps and Leo Kelly guarded the goals while Peyton Oliver made good advances up the sideline. 

Overall, Coach Stacey Collas and spectators were very proud of the U9s performance and exciting game play. 


The wins don’t always come for U12s Canungra Owls Yellow but the laughs always do. 

These kids never say die and play with loads of country heart. 

In a close game against Pacific Pines, Kate Pedler and Sophie Thompson guard goals and inspired by Mackenzie Arnold, made some jaw-dropping saves.

Josiah Dantaz, Olivia Shepherd and Trey Collas continue to dominate defence and hold the line.

Nabihan Khaliq, Caeden Walker and Corben  Witchard were synchronised in attack, looking for and passing to each other with lots of exciting attempts at goals.

Georgia Kelly, Chloe Delaney, Olivia Venter, and Evie Wilson played in the centre and showed off their versatility as they brought fresh opportunities off the bench.

Coaches Rhys Kelly and Joe Pedler are proud of how far the team has progressed. Their commitment and exciting game play doesn’t always translate to the scoreboard, as was the case for the Pacific Pines match (1-2).