Coronavirus Economic Support Announced

The Outpost Cafe
Andrew Covino of The Outpost Cafe

The Australian Government has announced a comprehensive economic package, to support businesses, secure jobs and ease the burden on Australians as a result of the coronavirus.

Federal Member for Wright, Scott Buchholz said the Government was working hard to protect the Australian economy and build a bridge to recovery beyond the crisis and welcomed the additional support.

 “I’ve been speaking with local business owners across the region, workers and many of the most vulnerable in our community and they are anxious, they are worried about what this virus crisis means for them and their future.

Cafe Metz

“I say to those people, we’re with you and please reach out if you need help. By stepping up and delivering financial support and arrangements, the Australian Government is helping both businesses and households cope with the pressures of the virus to get through the other side.

“For casual workers, we’re easing access to the safety net and providing the Coronavirus supplement. If you rely on the two, three or four shifts you get serving customers at the bakery, cleaning at the hotel or whatever your job may be – help is there. 

“We’re committing to another $750 stimulus payment to those on social security, our veterans or other eligible payment.” Mr Buchholz said.
Mr Buchholz reiterated that the focus of the coronavirus crisis remained on public health and urged people to closely follow the public health updates at or

“While this remains a public health crisis, we must be prepared for what comes after we get through it – which we will – and that means supporting local businesses, especially small businesses and keeping people in work.
“There are nearly 19000, small and medium businesses in Wright, all of them are resilient, support their communities and employ locals – now we need to support them.

“For businesses, we’re providing assistance with cash flow, making it easier for those in distress and providing the framework to guarantee credit.
“At the moment, we have several large businesses doing very well – Coles, Woolies – they’re employing more people to meet the demand.

“Also a number of small businesses have reported an uptick in trade now, as a result of panic buying – local grocers, chemists and butchers – they are selling all the products they can get onto the shelves. That will not last.

“And for others, like the beloved Outpost Cafe, Ginja Ninja, Canungra Motel and many more – they’re likely going to experience lower volumes of people as this goes on. 

“I urge businesses that need help or want to know what support is available for them, to contact the business support unit on (02) 6263 3030 or my office,” Mr Buchholz said.

Mr Buchholz said businesses in the region had been hit hard by storm, drought, fire and now the coronavirus crisis and emphasised the Prime Minister’s comments about all Australians working together to get through this together, like in those events.

“All of the actions being taken on the economic front are about keeping more people in work, enhancing the social safety net for those that aren’t and keeping businesses alive so they can get to the other side.

“But we need Australians to work together. Stay home if you’re sick, stay away from vulnerable people, wash your hands thoroughly and implement good hygiene procedures, don’t panic buy and treat others with kindness. 
Today’s announcement brings the total economic stimulus to $189 billion – that is being injected into the economy by all arms of Government, to keep Australians in work and businesses in business.

The economic support package announced today includes:

  • Support for households including casuals, sole-traders, retirees and those on income support
  • Assistance for businesses to keep people in a job
  • Regulatory protection and financial support for businesses to stay in business.

Andrew Covino of The Outpost Cafe said they are working hard to ensure patrons are safe and the cafe is complying with new government regulations as they arise.

“We are looking at a range of options to keep the business running and ensuring a minimal effect on staff hours,” said Andrew.

“We just need to wait this out, however long it takes. We will get through it,” he said.

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