Father and son grading for Taekwondo

Trent and Tristan Siegertsz sparring. Image supplied.

Shim Jang Taekwondo Scenic Rim held a special grading at Moriarty Park Hall last month where two students graded for their first black belt.

Father and son Tristan and Trent Siegertsz have been training at the Canungra class since they joined as white belts.

Tristan had trained in Taekwondo in the UK and returned to it three years ago when Trent, who is now 11, took up the sport.

Cafe Metz

Instructor Sarah Hall said not only was it special for father and son to attain their black belts together, they are the first students of the Canungra class to go all the way through their belts with the Club.

“All of the students were amazing at the grading and the class has now grown to over 20 students,” said Sarah.

Tristan will be an assistant instructor and can help guide other students through their training.

Trent will also be helping to teach and support junior belts working their way through the belts.

“They go a lot harder on the seniors – the juniors are non-contact,” said Tristan.

“I am very proud to watch all of the students train and be successful at gradings but Trent and Tristan absolutely excelled at this grading.”

“They had to demonstrate a very technical pattern spar with multiple attackers and demonstrate self defense techniques including breaking boards.”

Twenty students from ages five years and over participated in the grading, attaining belts  from yellow through to black.

– Sarah Hall