Feel Better with Suzanne

Tracey Horton and Suzanne Leyshan at Suzanne’s book launch.
Tracey Horton and Suzanne Leyshan at Suzanne’s book launch.

It took Suzanne Leyshan just under three months to write ‘Feel Better’ but it was the result of a lifetime of work.

Suzanne has lived just outside Canungra on her  60 acre horse property, Klemley Park, with her husband Jeff and children Jack and Abbey since 2008.

She trained as a draftsperson and then as a graphic designer before discovering Emmett Therapy through a practitioner who came out to the property to treat a friend’s horse.

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Since then, Suzanne has undertaken extensive training in Emmett Therapy and has been a practitioner for humans, horses and other animals for the past four years.

“Emmett deals with the body’s communication system like an auto-electrician does for cars,” says Suzanne.

“I have been able to help many bodies so far and also love spreading Emmett Technique through teaching.”

Feel Better is not focussed on Emmett Therapy, but is an easy to read manual for life.  

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The book begins by explaining in simple terms the functions of the various body parts and how they work and the importance of wellness.

She explains that many people know what they should do, but they don’t get around to doing it.

“It becomes a case of ‘shoulda’ – people find it too hard to get into good habits because they don’t know where to start, or they aim too high initially,” said Suzanne.

Feel Better gives a roadmap to good health, starting with the real basics – breathing, drinking water and exercise before going on to give an overview of complementary therapies, and easy ways to tell if you need to make changes to your day to day routine.

As Suzanne says, “I’m feeling better than I have in years, now it’s your turn.”

Feel Better is available from Canungra Hub Cafe.

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