Fire fighters rescue cat stuck in tree

Fire fighters save cat stuck in tree. Image supplied.
Fire fighters save cat stuck in tree. Image supplied.

When Carmelle Grick’s cat, Delilah got stuck in a tree, they tried everything to get her down.

Normally an inside cat, Delilah escaped on Thursday afternoon and climbed a nearby tree but was too scared to get back down.

By late Friday morning Carmelle and her family were very worried.

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“She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box and her native hunting ground is inside so she’s totally out of her element,” said Carmelle.

“She was about five metres up and had been up there for almost 24 hours. She was getting very distressed.”

The tree was too high for the family to safely climb so they tried offering food, calling her and finally propping up ladders to help Delilah to get down. Nothing enticed her to leave the high branches.

Cat stuck in tree.

In desperation, Carmelle called Canungra Auxillary Fire Station and three fire fighters came out to rescue Delilah.

“Big massive thank you to the firies,” said Carmelle.

“Stuart arrived in under 20 minutes and the red truck came ten minutes later – super fast, super kind.”

“So grateful for these guys. Now Delilah has a great story for the pub about being a damsel in distress and being rescued by three firies.”

Delilah is now safely back inside and doing well.

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