Bill O’Sullivan and his apples
Grow Your Own


People are often surprised when they see apple trees when they attend farm fours or workshops here.  Most people think Stanthorpe or Tasmania for growing apples but there are quite a few varieties like ‘Anna’, ‘Tropic […]

Bill O’Sullivan with some home grown bananas
Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Bananas

Those joining us here at Tullamore Farm will nearly always comment on how many clumps of bananas we have.  They are the most commonly eaten fruit in Australia and for good reason.  I have previously written […]

Pineapples are perfect for the local climate
Grow Your Own

Grow your own

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of harvesting your own pineapples. The mere thought of plucking a ripe, homegrown Pineapple from your garden can put an extra spring in your step. The good news is […]

Grow Your Own

Grow your own – Avocados

We have six avocado trees here at Tullamore Farm and we are having another good crop this year.  People are sometimes a little reluctant to grow them because they can get quite large and they […]