This Scenic Life podcast

This Scenic Life – Elton Farmer

With a name like Elton Farmer it was inevitable that he would end up a musician who breeds cattle. This self-professed city boy from Brisbane has embraced country life, breeding Angus cattle on his farm […]

Joyce Libke’s hen took up a place on this chair on her verandah.

Do You Mind?

When we lived at “Glen Witheren” in the 1990s we had a feral Guinea fowl arrive, who took to attacking our hens.   This hen took refuge on a chair on the front verandah for weeks […]

Agnes Curtis with Joyce Libke and their Plymouth car, circa 1939.

Petrol Prices Rising

Before we get too steamed up about rising petrol prices, let us go back seventy years to the years of WW2  (second world war 1939 to 1945) and up to 1950.   During this time […]