Di cuts into campdraft final

Di Robson riding Serena at the Paradise Lagoons Campdraft. Photo: Ropes N Spurs Photography & Design.

Local hair stylist, Di Robson can be found at her hairdressing salon most days, but when she’s not working she is out on her Australian Stock Horse, Serena.

She recently achieved a finals place at one of the largest campdrafts in Queensland, Paradise Lagoons.

At the ninth draft she has competed in, Di was in the top 22 out of 194 riders – giving her a place in the final.

My Country Escape

The placing was unexpected for Di, who is loving the new sport.

Di started riding horses when she was six years of age, previously training and competing in dressage.

She took up campdrafting eighteen months ago, along with her Australian Stock Horse, Serena.

“Serena and I have learned the art of campdrafting together with the guidance of an exceptional trainer,” said Di.

She immediately fell in love with the sport, which is the second biggest equine sport in Australia.

“I love it, but I’m an adrenaline junkie.  To be honest, I would have started it 20 years ago but I never came across anybody who was doing campdrafting so I wasn’t aware of it.”

“I was caught up in the show world.  I didn’t grow up mustering cattle … most of the people campdrafting are farmers and they’re out mustering every day and working with cattle every day.”

Di rides five days a week and trains with Oliver Salerno every second week.  

“It’s just so much fun, the adrenaline gets hold of you … I love the cutout, the horse moves so fast.”

Di competed in the Goondiwindi Campdraft at the end of July where she achieved her best cutout score to date, 22. 

She is hoping to compete at Dalby and Bell campdrafts later this year.

“That will probably be it for the year because I have to hairdress.” 

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