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As I write this article, I am enjoying something new and different. I am travelling with a group of like-minded people touring through the top of Arnhem Land. 

This trip includes many new experiences and visiting parts of our country which have been occupied by our indigenous brothers and sisters for many thousands of years.

The experience is making me stop and think how easy it is to live in our own comfort zone and not open our minds to something new. This northern remote part of Australia has made me realize God didn’t just create the world in the small area where I live. There is much more to this creation.

My Country Escape

It also makes me realize our world is made up of many different people living in many different circumstances. Perhaps our own little world is far from the real world!

Each week at St Luke’s we pray for those in need, in poverty and for the homeless. However, we also need to pray for our planet and its future, for living sustainably and ensuring we are all able to share and listen to each other. Our way is not the only way. Maybe we need to be transformed in some of our thinking, to help in our recognition of when God is speaking to us.

The recent Commissioning of Rev Helen Paget as Priest in Charge of the Tamborine Mountain Parish is a blessing for our church. The commissioning was like a new beginning, a time of celebration and of hope for the future.

It was wonderful to see more than one hundred people attend the commissioning and to hear Bishop John Roundhill speak about this new beginning as Rev. Helen brings her particular gifts to the Parish.

A part of St Luke’s latest activities has been to cater for the SRRC Cuppa in the Community in D J Smith Memorial Park.

I hope you came along and enjoyed some food and friendship. 

Written by Di Ayscough