Canungra Area Golf Club RESULTS and NEWS

Chase Oberle Div 1 Gross
Chase Oberle Div 1 Gross


Canungra open 2024: Many thanks to everyone who participated in our Open this year in the very trying conditions. We had a full field of golfers braving the elements for the ultimate Canungra Open Gross Champion 2024. This couldn’t have been possible with our amazing sponsors, incredible volunteers, hardworking staff, and very resilient golfers.

The results are:

Canungra Law

Canungra open gross winner Chase Oberle (77)

Canungra open nett winner Colin Gray (72)

Men’s Div 1 Gross Chase Oberle (77)

Men’s Div 1 Gross R/U Nick Johnston (80)

Men’s Div 1 Nett Colin Gray (72)

Men’s Div 2 Gross Mark Broadbent (88)

Men’s Div 2 Gross R/U Dylan Brechbuhl (91)

Men’s Div 2 Nett Mitchell Conradi (77)

Men’s Div 3 Gross Bill Goudling (101)

Men’s Div 3 Gross R/U Chris Murphy (105)

Men’s Div 3 Nett Zac Major (80)

Ladies Div 1 Gross Johanna Bedggood (89)

Ladies Div 1 Gross R/U Kim Sami (90)

Ladies Div 1 Nett Katy Hewitt (81)

Ladies Div 2 Gross Tamara Dunn (106)

Ladies Div 2 Gross R/U Karin Sheedy (108)

Ladies Div 2 Nett Bella Stoneham (83)

NTPs Men’s 5th Brett Day; Ladies 5th Katy Hewitt; Men’s 14th Rhys Bodey; Men’s 7th Nick Johnston; Men’s 8th Chase Oberle; Ladies 8th Kim Sami; Men’s 16th 2nd shot Chris Murphy; Ladies 16th 2nd shot Sharon Faulks.

Longest drives

Men’s Div 1 Trevor Cox

Men’s Div 2 Dylan Brechbuhl

Men’s Div 3 David McGuinness

Ladies Div 1 Katy Hewitt

Ladies Div 2 Alex Bryse

Approach shots

Men’s 2nd shot Nick Johnston

Ladies 3rd shot Kim Sami

Most accurate drive

Men’s Div 1 Scotty Legge

Men’s Div 2 Luke Shephard

Men’s Div 3 David McGuinness

Ladies Open Judy Barnes


Ladies Johanna Bedggood (25)

Men’s Scotty Legge (22)


Thursday 21 March 21: Stableford in conjunction with 4BBB Winner Nick Jago (37); Runner Up Ross Jackson (35); 4BBB Winners Nick Jago and Brett Day; NTPs 5th Brett Day; 8th Brad Mahony; 16th Bob Flitton $5 run down to 33 (Peter Jones).

Saturday March 23: Stableford in conjunction with 4BBB Winner Brad Mahony (39)CB; Runner Up Dave Staver 39);NTP 5th Mike Dormer; 7th Shaun Joseph; 8th Matt Taylor; 14th Stan Bobermien; 16th Paul Palliser; 8th 22+ 2nd shot Jo Windle; Longest Drives A Cameron Spalding; B Shaun Joseph; C Jason Butler; Ladies Kim Sami $5 Run Down to 35cb (Brett Day).

Tuesday April 2: Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal Winner Kim Sami (76); Runner Up Nora Jones (79) NTPs 5/14th and 8/17th Julie Carter; Longest Putt Bella Stoneham PUTTS Kim Sami (25) Ball Run Down to 87 (Kathy Darlington).

Thursday April 4: Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal Winner Brad Mahony (75)cb; Runner Up Sam Sami (75) NTPs 5thMark Allen; 8th Adam Horder PUTTS Neil Connolly (26) $5 run down to 80 (Bob Flitton).

Tuesday April 9: Stableford (Temporary Back Course) Winner Bella Stoneham (28); Runner Up Gael Jarvis (27)CB Longest Putt Pam McAllan Ball Run Down to 24 (Nora Jones).

Thursday April 11: Stableford Winner Chris Murphy (33)CB; Runner Up Brett Day (33); Third Place David McGuinness NTPs 5th Brad Mahony; 8th Ross Jackson; 14th David Hayes; 16th Bob Flitton $5 run down to 33 (Peter Jones).

Saturday April 13: Stroke and Putt Monthly Medal Winner –Brad Mahony (65); Runner Up Zac Major (68); Third Place Brett Day (69) PUTTS Matt Taylor (22)cb NTP 5th Adam Horder; 7th Brad Mahony; 8th Paul Palliser; 14th Kathy Darlington; 16th 22+ 2nd shot David McGuinness; 17th Dan Claridge; 8th Ladies 2nd shot Kelli Saron; Longest Drives A Nick Johnston; B Matt Taylor; C Zac Major; Ladies Kathy Darlington $5 Run Down to 75CB (Ken Collins).

Tuesday 16th April 2024: 2 person Ambrose Winners Katy Hewitt and Shannon Maroney (72.25); Runners Up Yoko Sterling and Kelli Saron (73.25) NTPs 7th/16th Kathy Darlington; Longest Putt Yoko Sterling Ball Run Down to 78 (Bella Stoneham and Peta Major).

Thursday 18th April 2024: Stableford Winner Ross Jackson (40); Runner Up Kenny Muir (39); Third Place Greg Guy (35) NTPs 5th Neil Connolly; 8th Brett Day; 17th Cam Spalding $5 run down to 30 (Bob Flitton).

Saturday 20th April 2024: Stableford Red Tees Winner Kim Sami (38)cb; Runner Up John Rodger (38); Third Place Nick Johnston (36) NTP 5th David McGuinness; 7th John Rodger; 8th Matt Taylor; 16th 27+ 2nd shot Sue Jago; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Bella Stoneham; 17thGlen Hopley; Longest Drives A Nick Jago; B Mark Allen; C Dan Claridge $5 Run Down to 30CB (Scott Davies).

Congratulations to our inaugural mixed foursome matchplay champions 2024: Dylan Brechbuhl and Leigh Parsons.