Vote for change, vote for better!

Steve Moriarty
Steve Moriarty


DIVISION 3 Council candidate, Steve Moriarty, has a clear message for voters:

“If you want better from your local council, then vote for change!”

Canungra Law

Steve is seeking election as Division 3 Councillor in the Scenic Rim Regional Council election on Saturday March 16.

“The feedback I’m getting from everyone I speak to is the same. Development has outstripped infrastructure,” Steve said.

“Our region is facing unprecedented population growth, and it is time for a new direction and new ways of working.”

When asked what he means by new ways of working, Steve replies, “We have had too much ‘back to front’ development, that is development without the infrastructure to support it. Our region is becoming home to more and more people while infrastructure such as roads, water, public transport, and sport and recreation facilities, are inadequate to meet the population growth.”

Steve refers to Canungra as a case in point.

“Every time we have a dry spell, the town runs out of water. The land for a bypass was sold to a developer, and now we have traffic chaos in the centre of Canungra during peak times.  Unfortunately, these times are becoming more frequent.”

Like many who call Canungra home, Steve avoids the town at these times as much as possible.

“It would be great if residents could enjoy their town again,” he says.

Steve acknowledges that there are no easy solutions to the problems that have arisen as a result of poor decision making and lack of investment in infrastructure.

“I’m not going to stand here and say, ‘vote for me and everything will be fixed overnight’, but I’m convinced that without change things will get worse before they get better.”

“We need a strong, united Council that will stand up for its constituents. My commitment to the people of Division 3, and all communities in the Scenic Rim, is to be part of a Scenic Rim Regional Council that puts the needs of residents, ratepayers and local businesses at the forefront of every decision.”

To vote for change and vote for better, vote 1 Steve Moriarty!

Authorised by Steve Moriarty, 597 Sarabah Road, Sarabah, 4275