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Abundant growth and weeds at BPR
Abundant growth and weeds at BPR

In spring 2022, anticipating a wet summer we planted 1,000 trees and then experienced one of the driest years on record.

Last spring, anticipating a dry summer we reduced our plantings and limped them through the dry with volunteers putting mulch and regular water on the seedlings.

It would be safe to say that our members are now dusting themselves off after a rollercoaster ride of weather events since the start of the summer.  

Canungra Law

Now, contrary to our expectations we have perfect growing conditions with plenty of rain and lots of warmth.  

It highlights once again the difficulty of replicating what nature took 1,000s of years to achieve in building forests.  The weather produces so much unpredictability that it is hard to plan and the only reliable factor is time.  If we keep putting plants in the ground then eventually time will give us our results.

With the perfect growing conditions our new challenge is weeds.  At this time of year it is easy to think that we are losing the battle against the weeds in the reserves but we know that in a few months the weather will cool and we will catch up.

We are grateful for the Scenic Rim Regional Council’s assistance in providing contractors to help with this job.  In December the Council was in Beechmont Pioneer Reserved doing some much appreciated weed eradication.  Also with the grant money we have received from the SRRC we can engage contractors to help us.  Finally our team of volunteers regularly help out at our monthly working bees.