Canungra Area Golf Club RESULTS and NEWS

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Congratulations to our Canungra lady’s interclub pennant series winners 2024 Kim Sami; Jo Windle; Kathy Darlington; Leigh Parsons; Bella Stoneham, Pam McAllan and Sharon Faulks.

Good luck to the Men’s Pennant Team who are competing in the Gold Coast District Interclub Pennant Series.

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Saturday April 27: Stableford in conjunction with 4BBB. Winning Team Cole Fletcher and Jo Windle (43); Winner Scott Davies (40); Runner Up Nick Johnston (39); third place Sam Sami (37). NTP 5th Mike Dormer; 7th Nick Jago; 8th Jo Windle; 16th Luke James; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Chris Murphy; 17th Brad Mahony; Ladies 27+ 2nd shot Jo Windle; Longest Drives A Cam Spalding; B Matt Taylor; C Ken Collins; Ladies Kim Sami $5 Run Down to 32 (Kym Crook).

Tuesday April 30: Stroke and putt Carry the Flag. Winner Bella Stoneham (71); Runner Up Pam McAllan (79) Longest Putt Kathy Darlington. Putts Yoko Sterling (26) Ball Run Down to 86 (Peta Major).

Thursday May 2: Stroke and putt Monthly Medal. Winner Bob Flitton (68); Runner Up Neil Connolly (69). NTPs 7th Peter Spears; 8th Brett Day. Putts Vin Slingsby (26) $5 run down to 74 (Ross Hewlett).

Saturday May 4: Stroke and putt Monthly Medal. Winner Nick Jago (66) CB; Runner Up Daryl Heap (66); Third Place Ken Gear (67). Putts Ross Jackson (23). NTP 7th Mark Broadbent; 8th Daryl Heap; Ladies 8th 27+ 2nd shot Jo Windle; 14th Brad Mahony; 16th Ross Jackson; 17th Bob Flitton; Longest Drives a Matty Shay; B Paul Codner; C Chris Murphy; Ladies Sharon Faulks $5 Run Down to 75 (Harry Barnes).

Tuesday May 7: Stroke and putt Monthly Medal. Winner Kim Sami (75); Runner Up Sharon Faulks (77). Putts Kim Sami (26) Longest Putt Kathy Darlington Ball Run Down to 24 (Nora Jones).

Thursday May 9: SS v PAR. Winner David Hayes (1); Runner Up Matt Taylor (2); Third Place Ross Hewlett (2). NTPs 5th Brett Day; 14th Neil Connolly ** EAGLE on the First Glenn Hopley; EAGLE on the 11th Ross Hewlett $5 run down to 6 (Ken Gear).

Saturday May 11: Charity fundraiser for legacy 2 person Ambrose. Winners –Liz Bobermien and Connor White (61.25); Runners Up Cole Fletcher and Ross Hewlett (62.25); Third Place Nick Johnston and Adam Horder (64). NTPs 5th Chris Astill; 8th Mark Broadbent; 14th Kathy Darlington; 17th Ross Hewlett; Longest Drives a Ross Hewlett; B Chris Astill; C Daryl Heap; Ladies A Kim Sami; Ladies B Elaine Broadbent $5 Run Down to 70 (Sam Sami and Andrew Major).

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, sponsors, and players. Over $3000 was raised for Legacy.

Tuesday May 14: Stableford in conjunction with 4BBB. Winners Kathy Darlington and Sharon Faulks; Winner Sharon Faulks (30) Runner Up Kelli Saron (29) CB Longest Putt Kim Sami Ball Run Down to 25 (Kathy Darlington).

Thursday May 16: Ambrose. No results received.

Saturday May 18: Stroke and putt Gross. Winner Ross Hewlett (78); Gross Runner Up Nick Jago (79); Nett Winner Matt Taylor (69); Nett Runner Up Bob Flitton;. Putts Ross Jackson (23). NTP 5th Bob Flitton; 7th and 8thMark Allen; 16th Cole Fletcher; Ladies 8th 27+ 2nd shot Jo Windle; Longest Drives a Dylan Brechbuhl; B Matt Taylor; C Zac Major; Ladies Kym Crook.

Tuesday May 21: Stableford. Winner Kym Crook (33) CB; Runner Up Nora Jones (33) Longest Putt 9th/18thPeta Major. NTP 8th/17th Kim Sami Ball Run Down to 23 (Kim Sami).

Thursday May 23: Stableford in conjunction with 4BBB. 4BBB Winners Harry Barnes and Gary Owen; Winner Cam Spalding (38); Runner Up Bob Flitton (35). NTPs 8th Ross Hewlett; 14th Cam Spalding; 16th 22+ 2nd shot Harry Barnes $5 run down to 32 (Brett Day).

Saturday May 25: Stableford. Winner Jason Butler (43); Runner Up Paul Palliser (40); third place Ross Jackson (37). NTP 5th Cam Spalding; 7th Brad Mahony; 8th and 14th Ross Hewlett; 16th Daryl Heap; 17th Brett Beanland; Ladies 8th 27+ 2nd shot Liz Bobermien; Longest Drives a Cam Spalding; B Chris Astill; C Mark Allen; Ladies Sharon Faulks; $5 run down to 32 (Cole Fletcher).