Moriarty Park 40th Anniversary

Moriarty Park past Presidents, committee and supporters
Moriarty Park past Presidents, committee and supporters

Moriarty Park past committee and supporters celebrated the fortieth anniversary of land being donated to the community by Dick and Pam Moriarty at an afternoon tea on 12 November.

Pam Moriarty, whose husband Dick passed away in 2011, said she was very pleased the land had remained in the community.

“I’m thankful that it is still here to be used by everybody,” she said.

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Her son, Steve, the current President of Moriarty Park said he and his siblings trained on the grounds when it was their family farm.

“I remember spending hours doing laps of the flat here,” he said.

“It was a sports field before it was a sports field.”

Peter Geiger, the inaugural President of Moriarty Park, said he did a lot of paperwork when they first set up the Moriarty Park Community Sports Centre.

“Getting the Club registered meant filling in a lot of paperwork and sending it to the Department of Justice – hours of work,” he said.

“We used to have Tri-Sports here to raise money and people would come from all over to be part of it.”

“There is a lot of work behind the scenes and anyone who has been a past President would know that.”

Joane Hopley, who organised fundraising for the lights at Moriarty Park was unable to attend due to illness.

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