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Last month I wrote about my trip to Arnhem Land and the many wonderful experiences I had. 

It was very much an eye-opener to realise parts of our nation are still virtually in the natural state as God created it, and to see and hear how carefully the indigenous clans of that area look after the land and creation. 

During September, Rev Helen has been bringing us messages about creation and how we are the stewards of the earth. 

Canungra Law

We have looked at the need to care for earth including the land, plants, animals, birds, fish, as well as each other. 

I have been reminded how easy it is to not worry about what is around me, as long as there is a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and food on the table.  

How easy it is to only worry about our own immediate well-being and ignore everything else.  

My trip into very remote parts of Australia taught me how much in our civilised life we have destroyed God’s creation. Is it time for each one of us to care a little more? 

Plant a tree in your garden, dry your clothes in fresh air rather than a drier, recycle your rubbish, avoid waste. 

The list is long, but if each person changed one habit to help save the environment or did something to help someone else the outcome would be wonderful.  

A great example of one person’s idea making a difference is the annual “Turning Canungra Pink” in October to raise funds for all types of cancer. What started off as a small idea has grown to involve the whole town. St Luke’s will again be decorated in pink to help fund raise for this great cause.  

We are stewards of the earth and our immediate stewardship in October is to join together to support those in need. Just like this we can all join together to protect and save God’s amazing creation.