Tom Sharp to Nominate for Mayor

Tom Sharp
Tom Sharp

Former Mayoral candidate, Tom Sharp will contest the 2020 ballot for the Office of Mayor at the upcoming Scenic Rim Regional Council elections.  Tom said his decision has been made as a consequence of numerous requests from groups and citizens across the Scenic Rim. Tom will be self-funding his campaign.

Tom says his focus will be:
–  RATES and SERVICES – a FAIR rate for a FAIR service,
– CONSULTATION – ask what the people want, don’t come to them with pre-determined outcomes,
– COMMUNICATION – tell the people what the hell is happening in straight language,
COUNCIL CULTURE – educate where necessary those officers and staff, that we serve the constituency, not the other way around,
– BUREAUCRACY and REDTAPE – remove the blockades and confusion for fair requests, submissions and applications and give a fair and timely response.

“A resident of Beechmont I was born in Beaudesert and spent my early years on the family farm at Beechmont,” said Tom, “Post a career in stockbroking and funds management my family and I returned to Beechmont as a permanent resident in 2013 having previously acquired acreage at Beechmont. We returned with our young daughter, strongly in mind, that she would enjoy the quality of lifestyle I was privileged in this region while growing up.”

Cafe Metz

“I contested the 2016 local government election for the Office of Mayor and again put my name forward to contest this office with the intention of winning and bringing fair dinkum change, with a common sense approach, back to the people.”

“My family history extends a long way back, right across the region, not only in agriculture but also local government with a number of family members having served. The earliest being my Great Great Grandfather, J T Burnett who served as councillor and founding Chairman of Normanby Shire (Harrisville) and most recently my Father, Geoff Sharp who retired from office after 20 years of outstanding service to the constituents of Beaudesert Shire.”

Council business is not unknown to me and the passion and legacy instilled into me by my ancestors lives on today.

“My great concern is that local government has removed itself too far from its primary business – its constituency and serving their needs – and that the person in the street no longer has a voice. Dealing with bureaucracy is becoming too difficult and the peoples issues are simply not being attended to.”

“It is my unconditional commitment to vigorously return the governance of this region to its citizens via the elected representatives. It is time to get fair dinkum, apply common sense and provide the services the people want, effectively and efficiently,” he said.

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