Humans of Canungra – Amanda Thacker

Amanda Thacker
Amanda Thacker

Amanda Thacker leads her life embracing all things health and wellness. Her love of healthy living has woven its way into all areas of her life; business, hobbies and even travelling. 

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, Amanda and her family lived in Mundoolun for five years before settling in Canungra. 

“It’s definitely much quieter here,” she says. 

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Amanda has always had an interest in health and wellbeing, but credits navigating her post-natal journey as what sparked her curiosity. 

“I’ve had my own health issues too and was into researching it to fix my own health” she explains. 

Amanda’s love for healthy living doesn’t just stop at a few Google searches, she embodies it in not one, but two jobs. 

An opportunity to become the new owner to beloved local coffee and wholefoods store Owl Wholefoods and Café arose late last year. Having already worked there for two years, Amanda was ready to take on a new challenge and became the proud new owner. 

“It was unexpected, we’ve been enjoying it so far” she shares. 

Owl Wholefoods and Café includes an organic grocery and retail store, as well as a cosy café with delicious food and coffee. 

Amanda’s favourite part of the job is guiding her customers on their own health journey and sharing her passion and knowledge for nutrition.

When she’s not busy working in the café, Amanda’s a personal trainer and Pilates instructor at Live Fit Gym. When asked where she finds the time for running a business and juggling two fitness roles, she simply says she loves being busy. 

“It’s hard not to have anything to do” she laughs. 

Although originally planning on giving up her personal training job when purchasing the café, she couldn’t bring herself to walk away from it.

“Choosing isn’t an option for me. I like both” she says. “The people you meet too … it’s pretty special”.

Things are about to get even more special for Amanda, who is busy packing her bags (and hiking boots) for her first ever trip overseas. 

Travelling over to Europe to walk the famous Camino trail, Amanda couldn’t be more excited. The tour starts in Portugal and ends in Santiago, Spain, with a casual twenty kilometre walk each day to make the journey. 

Amanda will finish off her once in a lifetime experience with some well-earnt sight-seeing and tourist adventures in Madrid (and hopefully a little less walking).