How plants can make us happy

Jasmine Livingston and Chris Estrich
Jasmine Livingston and Chris Estrich

While it’s no secret that being close to nature improves our level of calmness and happiness, recent research published confirms this. In fact, it found that even looking at pictures of plants improved your level of calmness.

In a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, it was found that even viewing images of nature can help relax the brain and improve focus. Physical interaction with plants, such as touching or smelling them, can have therapeutic effects, boosting mood and creating a sense of calmness.”   Psychreg; Embracing Nature’s Influence: How Plants Enhance Our Mental Well-Being

Sometimes I guess we know without this as a fact without realizing it. But happiness is a two-way street, so, what can we do to make our plants happy?

Plants are no different to us, the key to happy plants is diversity. Just as we rely on a diverse range of things from environment, support from other people, diet, sunny days, rainy days etc etc, so does the plant world. Plants rely on other types of plants for support in stormy weather, attracting beneficial insects, the right amount of sun/shade, healthy soil, provision of compost and attracting birds and insects for pollination. Happy plants, happy humans.

Canungra Law

Plant a Native Forest.

My recommendation is to plant a selection of native trees and shrubs and intersperse fruit trees here and there. A citrus here, a guava there, a mulberry, a finger lime, Davidson Plum and maybe even a mango if you have room. Hopefully, the native forest will attract small birds and beneficial insects to deal with the majority of pests that might find your fruit trees and you will be a very happy person.

It is easier, and quicker to establish than you think. Come in to the nursery and discuss getting started.

By Chris Estreich, Horticulturist and Nurseryman.