Look out for fire ants!

Fire ant team training at Acacia Court
Fire ant team training at Acacia Court

Biosecurity have been working the district for a couple of months now with helicopters and walking teams hunting the nasty little fire ants.

Fire ants are an extremely aggressive and adaptable pest that pose a serious threat to our agriculture, economy, and overall biodiversity.

Their sting can be painful, and in rare cases, lead to a sever and sometimes fatal allergic reaction.

Canungra Law

The spread of the pests is a major issue, with nests spanning an area of 600,000 hectares in Queensland. A recent Senate inquiry stressed the urgency of eradication to avoid the damaging consequences.

To report fire ants on a property fill in the form at https://ants.daf.qld.gov.au/table-of-contents/report-fire-ants/

Happily, so far, so good on Beechmont, but everyone is on the lookout.