Support strong for Duck Creek Road petition

Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly

DUCK Creek Road supporters from as close as Canungra and as far away as Doha have got behind a petition to reopen the important local route.

At time of print, the ‘Reopen Duck Creek Road in Scenic Rim’ petition had 1630 signatures.

Duck Creek Road has been closed since 2017, when ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie caused severe damage through flooding and landslips.

Cafe Metz

The road from O’Reilly’s to Kerry is considered an essential route for local employment and safety, particularly during bushfire season.

Tour operator Matt Kelly is one of many locals who signed the petition.

“I live at O’Reilly’s and run my bike tour out on 17V through O’Reilly’s. It would be a huge boost for tourism and a safety feature if the one and only other road got blocked for whatever reason,” he said.

“It will definitely increase potential business for myself and the region, it has historic value and will just improve the local area, with a little bit of hard work. I’d do it myself, if they’d let me.”

Advocates who have been pushing for years to have Duck Creek Road reopened are ramping up their campaign, particularly ahead of the March 16 Scenic Rim Regional Council election.

The petition is an effort to have the voices of the community heard, after frustratingly slow progress and setbacks in response to their significant efforts to source support.

“There are many of us, but we are from a small community which they can easily ignore – the more signatures in support of reopening the road, the stronger we become,” the petition reads.

Advocate Sally Undery urged locals to get on board.

“Please help us convince Council and the State Government that this unique tourism, employment and natural wonder is something the whole community deserves to have access to once again,” she said.

“I would like to ask that not only do you personally sign and share the petition, but you consider doing it on behalf of your business as well. The economic benefits for local business and employment with Duck Creek Road open are huge.

“Not only will local tourism and food business directly benefit from the increased ability to do a ‘scenic’ Scenic Rim drive from east to west but the other town businesses will also benefit from the economics of a thriving tourism industry.

“Reopening Duck Creek Road will have a direct and indirect economic benefit to businesses in Scenic Rim. And then there are the employment benefits, too.”

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To follow the progress of the campaign, follow ‘Friends of Duck Creek Road’ on Facebook. 


“I am a local and use this road and it should have never been closed!” – Scottie Phillips, Canungra

“Duck Creek Rd provided an excellent alternative route to and from the mountain – valuable for emergencies as well as scenic purposes.” – Tony Groom, Toowong (long-time Beechmont local)

“Time to reopen this historic and important road due to safety and access issues.” – Lisa Groom, Beechmont

“The road is essential to boost tourism and it is a wonderful drive.” – John Stephens, Canungra

“Emergency services can get to O’Reilly’s better this way.” – Lawson Schafer, Canungra

“I recognise the economic, social and safety benefits of having this road open and accessible again. But in addition, I recognise it has always been more than a road. Duck Creek Road was a grassroots initiative that has a rich history and brought the community together. I hope we have the opportunity for this to happen again.” – Woo O’Reilly, Canberra (part of local O’Reilly family)