Vintage cars and smiles at Moriarty Park

Sponsor Bruce Post checking out the vehicles.

Moriarty Park welcomed over 2000 people to the grounds on Saturday 24 June.

With plenty of food trucks, market stalls, an outdoor bar and a live band, along with an assortment of classic cars and motorcycles, the day was full of entertainment for all. 

Some of the cars present were as old as 66 years, like Zach Smith’s red 1957 Chevrolet. These cars were greatly appreciated by all who attended; many people were snapping pictures of the classic machines. 

Canungra Law

This event was held to raise funds for the Moriarty Park Community Hall; a big thank you goes out to Peter Ulbrich, President of Moriarty Park and Committee Member Donna Tunbridge for organising the day, as well as the volunteers who made sure everything ran smoothly. 

It was definitely a successful occasion; everyone left with a smile on their face.