Sled Dogs: From Arctic exploration to Canungra

Mikal Watson and Swiss Shepherd J'etiam
Mikal Watson and Swiss Shepherd J'etiam

IT IS something you would expect to see in the Arctic, two athletic but fluffy dogs pulling  a vehicle through the frozen terrain; but Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club brought the sled dogs to Canungra.

The Club’s Demonstration and Come and Try Day at Moriarty Park brought all breeds and vehicles out for a fun afternoon.

Sled Dog Sports or Racing is a winter sport where dogs pull a scooter, bike, rig or canicross (running with the dog).

Cafe Metz

The Club offers competitive and social classes, as well as fun runs before and after events. 

Club Secretary Amy Rogers said it is all about enjoyment with the dogs.  

Mushers race their dogs on a marked trail on a two wheeled scooter or three wheeled rig tethered by a harness and gangline.

Mushers can also compete in bikejoring where a standard bike is used instead of a scooter, or canicross where you can run with your dog tethered to the musher by a walking or running belt.

Rigs and scooters are strong but lightly built with 20” to 26” wheels, with good brakes and rigging for ganglines and night lights. 

For more information visit or contact Amy on 0458 004 991.

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