The elephant in the room


The one thing that residents living along the Beechmont road truly hate about living here is the motorbike noise on the weekend. The elephant in the room. 

The subject nobody wants to broach. Because sshhh. Who wants to buy a property where you can’t hear, speak, listen to the birds, music, or anything at all because of the near continuous roar of hundreds of bikers going past your front door every weekend from daylight onwards. 

So nobody talks about it. If you want to sell your property on the main road, you do it during the week when there are virtually no bikes on the road. Or on a rainy weekend.

Cafe Metz

Nobody likes to ride in the rain. 

The main tourist attraction in this heavenly part of the world is our fabulous, winding, narrow, quite dangerous, road through forests and farms. And the bikers love it. 

They do speed tests from the bottom of the mountain, some ending at the Lower Beechmont bus shelter where they do a Uey and go back down.

The chap at the bottom of the mountain clocks the time and bingo, another record is made. Long stretches on top of the mountain invite 100+ speeds and very little chance of being caught. 

The occasional police presence is communicated back and forth and they all turn into the quiet and steady riders we would rather see.

There are laws against noisy mufflers. Why are they never charged with it? 

The very occasional motorbike rider who respects the speed limits and has a real muffler is a very welcome visitor – and resident – but the others? 

They are an abomination, dashing the peace and tranquility, the hopes and dreams, the lives of the wildlife, and … the value of our properties.