Back Creek

Back Creek
Back Creek

Back Creek crosses the Beechmont plateau before cascading down through Killarney Glen to join the Coomera River just outside Canungra.

The adjoining photo shows Back Creek flowing through lush forest.  It  was recently taken at Akoonah Timbarra Reserve near where Back Creek originates.

The other photo is an aspect of Back Creek taken on a property a little further across the plateau.  Other than grass there is little vegetation.  When it rains topsoil is pulled into the creek and swept away.  

Canungra Law

This part of the creek would also have had lush forest once but it has long gone.

These photos show  what can be done through revegetation because the Akoonah Timbarra Reserve has only been revegetated in the last 30 years.  This is 30 years worth of growth. 

This lush forest  helps keep the water clear by stopping the runoff of topsoil and provides habitat for animals.  The canopy helps reduce evaporation and in times of drought animals can come here for water.

The process of revegetation starts by fencing off the creek if stock need to be kept away and then planting trees.  The Scenic Rim Regional Council can provide those trees through its One Million Trees Program.  When the soil is soft, as it is now, a hole can be dug with a trowel.  A treeguard will protect the young seedling from predators.

Further down the creek Beechmont Pioneer Reserve shows what trees look like after less than 10 years.  As we all know from this summer, things grow quickly in Beechmont.  Within a lifetime a creek can be transformed into a lush forest.

If you are interested in this kind of project please contact us.